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Deluxe Two-Person 72-Hour Emergency Go Bag | Bugout Bag info - EVAQ8.co.uk Emergency Preparedness

Deluxe Two-Person Go Bag®

A complete kit with food, water, lighting, tools, shelter, first aid and hygiene supplies to support two adults for 72 hours. Contents include...

Bug Out Bag 4 Person Family Go Bag™ | Bugout Bag info - EVAQ8.co.uk Emergency Preparedness

Bug Out Bag 4 Person Go Bag®

This GoBag®, or Bug-Out-Bag, is designed to aid in the event of an evacuation. Survival supplies for 4 people include...

Disaster Survival Kit in wheeled backpack | bugoutbag-info.co.uk Emergency Preparedness from EVAQ8 UK

Disaster Survival Kit in wheeled bag

Due to popular demand, our Disaster Survival Kit now comes with wheels. Contents have not changed, so you'll find all the modules such as...

Hot Meal Kit and self-heating MRE meal-ready-to-eat | excellent addition go Bugout Bag or Go Bag | Bugout Bag info - EVAQ8.co.uk Emergency Preparedness

Hot Meal Kits

Self-heating MREs (meal-ready-to-eat) are an excellent addition to any Bugout Kit. Hot, nutritious food in just 10-12 minutes with an excellent shelf-life and a choice of menus, for example ...

Survival Food Rations Seven Oceans | standard Emergency Ration | EVAQ8 Emergency Preparedness

Seven Oceans Survival Rations

Seven OceanS standard emergency rations can be used in any survival situation requiring a concentrated, long-life emergency food. The biscuit ration require no preparation and can be eaten directly from the box...

3 Month Food Kit - Mountainhouse freeze dried food | EVAQ8 Emergency Preparedness Food Kit

3 Months Food Kit

This 3 month survival pack food kit provides approximately 90 meals. A selection of ten flavours of Mountain House #10 tins that have a shelf life of 25 years, ideal for longer term emergency food storage...

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Bugout Bag - Grab Bag - Shelter in Place Kits, standard and custom made Emergency Preparedness Kits | Bugout Bag info - EVAQ8.co.uk

Bugout Bag - Emergency Kits

EVAQ8 produce emergency preparedness kits that you can depend on in any emergency, equally effective in the event of a rapid evacuation or a shelter-in-place situation. If you would like to build your own survival kit or grab bag, we have hundreds of products to choose from.
In addition to our range of standard emergency kits we offer a competitive bespoke service. We can customise our existing preparedness kits to your specification or create new emergency packs to your exact requirements. Simply see our information on bespoke orders and get in touch with your requirements.

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Food Kits - Emergency Food Storage

There are many Emergency or Survival Food Kits on the market. When considering long self-life Emergency Food Storage solutions (i.e. Mountain House, up to 25 years) or evaluating an Emergency Food Kit please take note of the total number of meals / calories included in the pack. Some unscrupulous suppliers label a 90-meal emergency food pack as a '3 month supply' but that is only one meal a day! If you are planning for an emergency situation that will last for more than a few days, you should be calculating for minimum two nutritious and balanced meals per day.

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